Dr. Anifowose

I'm an alumnus of the University of Lagos, with a First-Class degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. degree from Georgia State University. I built this website to mentor Nigerian students on graduate studies in the U.S. and support those who have demonstrated excellence in academy and leadership

What I Do


As a student, I benefited from mentorship and financial support from diverse sources. So, I hold it a responsibility and mission to help students in any way I possibly can.

Big Data Scientist

I am passionate about big data. The future of computing is artificial intelligence. I like to use data to make decisions that optimize processes and move the organization forward

Research Scientist

I am a trained synthetic organic chemist. Over the course of my career, I synthesized more than 100 final compounds for therapeutic applications for the benefit of mankind

Digital Content Expert

I’m an outlier; a rare blend of a chemist, a digital content expert, and a front-end developer, I create aesthetically appealing websites with e-commerce integration.

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2014 - 2019
Georgia State University

Doctor of Philosophy

• Designed and synthesized 7 novel Photosensitizers to induce lipid oxidation in cancer cells. • Designed and synthesized 13 Amino acids prodrugs and demonstrated release kinetics • Designed and synthesized 60 novel anticancer agents using various synthetic methodologies. • Achieved 12,000 folds increase in solubility of a poorly soluble anti-cancer agent by prodrug strategy - this is a major drug developability issues especially if a drug must make it through the FDA. • Designed and synthesized novel compounds that induce apoptosis in cancer cells by reactivating p53 protein.

2004 - 2008
University of Lagos

Bachelors of Science (First Class)

I worked on the synthesis of Pyrrolo [1, 2-a][1,4]Benzodiazepine-3, 5-dione. This is a compound that has antiviral activity as it inhibits HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (RT) enzyme and prevents HIV-1 cytopathic-genecity in T4 Lymphocytes without any appreciable activity on HIV-2 cytopathic effect. I underwent a comprehensive curriculum of studies that include chemistry of Bio-active Organic Compounds, Methods of Chemical Analysis, Applied Spectroscopy, Natural Products Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Organometallics, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Modern Physics, etc

Awards and Funding

Research Fellowship

CDT, GSU, Atlanta.
2015 - 2018

Teaching Award

Georgia State University

University Scholar

University of Lagos, Nigeria
2005 - 2008

Academic Excellence

MFM Ministries, Nigeria

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FAQs - Scholarship

What is this scholarship?

This scholarship pays Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students cash awards, which varies based on students ranking on the application. A lot of metrics are considered to determine qualified candidates. All applications are thoroughly screened and assigned a score, which determines each student's rank.

FAQs - Scholarship

What do I need to apply?

BEFORE you begin the application, get your academic transcripts (or statement of results), and a resume on your phone or computer (you will need to upload them). Name those files with your name (e.g anifowose_transcript.png, anifowose_resume.png). All documents are subject to verification.