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Test Fees For Students

Hello, I am raising funds to support talented Nigerian students. There are many students in Nigeria, who can effortlessly ace the admission tests needed to study abroad but they can’t afford the test fees. Starting on the first day in August or earlier, I will be accepting applications on my website from Nigerian students who are seeking admissions to schools in oversea countries like the U.S. The applications will be screened carefully to identify talented students, who need help with paying the admission test fees.

Many of these students are going to be instrumental to the growth and development of the Nigerian society in the very near future. Hence, it is important that people who have the means should support them. Therefore, I sincerely hope you can help them achieve their dreams by donating any amount that you may be able to. All donors will be published on this website to appreciate their support. Likewise, all students who received a test fee scholarship shall also be published along with what test fee they received. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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20th June, 2020
Campaign started

This campaign started on this date. Thank you in advance for participating.

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